Supported Charities - Ballboys and Surfers Against Sewage


Supporting Surfers Against Sewage

The impact of plastic and human waste in the ocean is something we are passionate about repairing. It is our mission to collect anything found floating in the water that will fit onto a paddle board or a kayak. We have collected bicycle wheels, large boat cushions and many other items of everyday waste that have made their way into the sea. Supporting Surfers Against Sewage means that more can be done to help reverse the damage that is being caused by human activity and educate future generations about caring for this precious resource.


Supporting Ballboys

Testicular cancer is something that doesn't gain a lot of attention. There are over 2,000 men diagnosed with this every year and the majority are between 15 and 40 years old. Ballboys aims to raise awareness in this group of young men and remove some of the barriers that exist in talking about male health issues. Supporting Ballboys will enable them to reach more young men and work on the taboos surrounding testicular cancer.


Hairy Ballz

By purchasing a pair of Hairy Ballz you have helped to repair the ocean and raise awareness of testicular cancer.