Why Hairy Ballz and plastic in the ocean?


Why Hairy Ballz?

Based in the beautiful county of Dorset I am always working hard preventing plastic pollution from getting into ocean and the countryside I love. I spend a lot of time outside on the trails around Dorset or splashing about on the coast. I have been collecting plastic in the ocean for many years on my trips out and make it my aim to pick up at least 3 pieces of litter whilst I am out and about on the water or inland.

The concept of Hairy Ballz was born in May 2019. After purchasing a blanket made from recycled plastic bottles (a brilliant idea) I questioned the manufacturer about the impact on ocean pollution and our water systems if the product was washed. They mentioned a microplastic filter that could be used. I began doing more research on microplastic pollution and was shocked about how much is released in our day to day laundry and discovering that we all consume microplastics via our food and water system.


What started Hairy Ballz?

 Concerned about the impact of microplastic in the ocean and as a keen advocate of plastic reduction and reducing human impact on the planet I purchased the microplastic filter. It was made of plastic and after further research I discovered it was best suited to hairy homes as a build up of pet and human hair was required before it started to work on microplastics. I don’t have a very hairy house and so I waited patiently to see the impact but nothing was happening. I thought about how to get to the point of collecting the particles without the need for hairy pets and people in the house. I am not saying that hairy people or pets are a bad thing - I have many fury friends - I just don’t have any at home. Hairy Ballz are already hairy and  get straight to work on removing fibres from your wash, helping to reduce ocean pollution. 


Caring is sharing.


I decided to bring them to the market place to see if alongside collecting some of the microplastic, helping to prevent plastic pollution, I could support some good causes. Surfers Against Sewage was a charity I already supported for the tireless work they do protecting the ocean and preventing plastic pollution. I also wanted to support a charity that was ball related and I found Ballboys. They work with men and women to raise awareness and breakdown barriers surrounding testicular cancer. I loved their logo too.

My hope is that Hairy Ballz will begin to help reduce ocean pollution caused by human abuse and at the same time support these two great charities.